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Samsung selects Atmel maXTouch for Galaxy Tab Android tablet

When I got to go hands-on with the Galaxy Tab earlier this month, I found it had one of the most responsive touch screens I have ever used on a tablet. At the time no one could tell me what touch sensor was being used, but thanks to a new press release we have discovered Samsung chose the popular Atmel maXTouch solution.

As we discovered earlier this year not all touch screen sensors are created equal, but Atmel offers the best in the industry. We first saw Atmel sensors when HTC began using maXTouch for the Incredible and EVO and then Samsung also chose them for their Galaxy S lineup.

“The Atmel maXTouch solution offers higher performance, better accuracy, faster response times and lower power than competing solutions to provide a better user experience. Its true unlimited touch functionality and faster performance enable advanced features including rejection of unintended touches, multi-touch stretch/pinch and rotate gestures, and handwriting recognition on larger form factor screens.”

Atmel claims the Galaxy Tab is the first of many tablets to use this solution, so I expect we will see it inside whatever HTC and Motorola are working on. To see Atmel’s latest maXTouch videos, visit the Atmel YouTube Channel at or follow Atmel on Twitter @atmelcorporatio.

Complete highlights of the single-chip touch solution include:

  • Unlimited touches
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast response – completely redraws screen every 4/1000 of a second (4ms) to eliminate recalibration issues
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio for superior precision – 3x better than competitive products
  • Superior performance for first-touch response – 3x better than competitive products
  • Unambiguous, unlimited touch support
  • Responsive user interface: > 250 Hz report rate for a single touch
  • Extremely low current consumption: < 1.8 mW in “touch-ready” state
  • Two touch adjacency of less than 10 mm on a 4.3″ touchscreen
  • Small footprint with few external components
  • Supports stylus, fingernails, and gloves
  • Grip and face suppression functionality: avoids false touches
  • Size and angle of touch supported
  • Screen sizes up to 10.2″ are supported by a single chip
  • Proximity channel support

Source: PRNewswire

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