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T-Mobile myTouch HD first dual-core Android phone on 4G?

Update: We now know the new myTouch features a second-generation 1 GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm (MSM8255), which does not feature dual-cores.

Last week LG announced they would deliver the first Tegra 2-powered smartphone and since then everyone has gone dual-core crazy with their press releases. Many of us thought LG’s Optimus Series could be the first dual-core phone on a U.S. carrier, but now a leaked company document suggests that T-Mobile’s myTouch HD might beat them to market.

Our friends at TmoNews have posted an internal promo doc that reveals the myTouch HD will include a 1 GHz dual processor, 3.8″ display (most likely S-TFT), Android 2.2 (most likely Sense UI), 5.0 MP primary camera with autofocus and flash, VGA front-facing camera, 4 GB internal storage, and Swype virtual keyboard.

Other notable features include Screen Share (which sounds like some DLNA software) and a revamped Genius Button that includes a driving mode to respond to text messages with your voice.

T-Mobile is also advertising that the myTouch HD will be operating on “America’s largest 4G network”, which I’m sure Sprint is going to love. So far T-Mobile has been reluctant to refer to their new HSPA+ network as 4G, but they have been claiming their devices offered 4G speeds. I guess the gloves come off this year.

myTouch HD

The myTouch HD will feature a dual-core processor, but who makes it?

The first HSPA+ handset is the T-Mobile G2 which will offer speeds up to 14.4 Mbps. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network has a current theoretical max of 21 Mbps and that is going to double to 42 Mbps in 2011.

No official release date has been announced for the myTouch HD, but T-Mobile’s leaked roadmap had it slated for Nov. 5th and new rumors suggest that has been adjusted to Nov. 3rd.

Many sites had been speculating the myTouch HD was the same phone as the Desire HD, but it now appears these are two different devices. The myTouch HD will have a 3.8 inch display with 1 GHz dual-core processor, while the Desire HD is reported to have a 4.3 inch display and 1 GHz single-core processor.

If Qualcomm really delayed their dual-core processors to Q1 2011, then that raises the question of what’s inside the HTC myTouch HD. Could HTC have followed Motorola and also switched to the NVIDIA Tegra 2? I supposed it could be something from ST Ericsson or Texas Instruments, but my gut says NVIDIA is the first company ready with a dual-core chip.

Whatever happens, T-Mobile customers have some exciting options this holiday season coming form HTC. They can either choose the G2 with its stock Android 2.2 and full QWERTY keyboard or wait it out and grab the touch-only, dual-core myTouch HD with Sense UI and front-facing camera. Both devices support HSPA+, which is the fastest “4G network” available this year, so it’s kind of hard to hate on T-Mobile now and say they don’t have competitive devices.

Which phone has caught your eye? Is it the G2, myTouch HD, or a completely different device?

Source: TmoNews

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