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Venus envy? NVIDIA confirms Motorola is a big customer

Update: The Tegra 2 phone is coming, but we might have the codename wrong still. A new source is telling me this device is the Motorola Venus.

Several months ago, Motorola Co-CEO Sanjay Jha let it slip that they were building a smartphone with NVIDIA graphics. Yesterday we revealed that Motorola is in fact releasing a dual-core Tegra 2 smartphone and it should be the flagship device for Gingerbread this holiday season.

Today NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang confirmed at a fireside chat during GTC 2010 that Motorola is “very important to us and will represent long term (one) of our biggest customers”.

I saw many doubters reading the comments yesterday, but this phone is real and my gut says it will be jaw-droppingly awesome.

We had been referring to this dual-core phone as the Droid T2 (Tegra 2, get it?), but one of my friends tells me the codename is actually the Motorola Venus (or not, see update above). Who knows what the actual product name will be when it hits Verizon stores, but I love the Terminator name that someone came up with yesterday (please Verizon, I know you got the cash to license that).

While we are on the topic of codenames, I also discovered Motorola is working on several Tegra-powered tablets which are being called Everest and Olympus. We already knew of one Motorola tablet coming to Verizon, codenamed Stingray, so I’m not sure if that is one of these new codenames or a separate tablet.

Several of these devices are supposedly in the hands of Verizon testers, so I suppose some blurry-cam pics will surface over the coming weeks…

Source: EE Times

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