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Yikes! CLIQ 2.1 software upgrade pushed back to early Q4

I really feel sorry for all the Motorola CLIQ owners stuck on Android 1.5. We gave Motorola a lot of grief last year when we heard the CLIQ would not be upgraded past Android 1.5, but they surprised us when they finally confirmed it would eventually receive Android 2.1. We were so delighted with the news that we gave away our CLIQ to a lucky reader.

That all took place back in January. Now here we are nine months later and CLIQ owners are still patiently waiting for Android 2.1.

At first we thought the upgrade might arrive in Q1, then Q2, which was pushed back to Q3, and now Motorola has upgraded their official timelime to let us know it could possibly be ready by early Q4.

If you are still clutching your CLIQ, all you can really do is sit and wait at this point and hope Motorola finally delivers. Things could be worse of course. You could have purchased the more powerful Motorola Devour which will never be upgraded to make sure owners get “the best combined hardware and software experience”.

Better late than never, right?

Source: Motorola

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