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Google launches new version of Youtube application, now in Market for 2.2+ devices

The Youtube application has received both an update and a new method of delivery today, with Google launching their redesigned application onto the Android market. This move is not entirely unexpected, as Google has recently brought other core applications such as Gmail and Google search to the Android market, which allows users to customize their Android experience by deciding which applications they do/don’t want on their phone.

With this version update, the Youtube application brings pretty significant changes in both user interface and functionality. Upon launch, users are provided a personalized video feed based on their preferences as well as general popular videos. The new UI makes the application simpler to use, and adds easy access to take a video using Camcorder as well as video search on the main screen.

One of the bigger feature additions is the ability to view videos in portrait mode, allowing you to simultaneously watch videos on top as well as view information, user comments, and related videos below. The informational tabs can be changed with the swipe of a finger. Additionally, users can like/dislike videos or share them with your Facebook, Google Buzz, and Twitter friends while in landscape mode. You can also easily view and subscribe to channels from within the application.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the changes Google has brought to the Youtube application, as Google has yet to formally announce the update. We will be sure to update this post once Google formally makes the announcement. If you have Android 2.2 (or 2.2.1), head over to the Android market and download the Youtube application to check it out for yourselves.

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Via: Droid-Life

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