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VISIONary gives G2 users a one-click (temporary) root solution

7 years ago 15

Permanent root access on the T-Mobile G2 is still nowhere in sight, but if you’re looking for a temporary solution, things have gotten a lot more simple. First there was a five-step process and then that was simplified down to a three-step one. Now, all you need to do is install and open an app to gain temporary root.

The VISIONary application was created by @paulobrien to give G2 users a faster root workaround since root access is lost every time the handset is restarted. If running the application every time you reset your G2 is still too cumbersome, a second version of the app has been tweaked so that it runs automatically on reboot.

It’s encouraging to see developers still working hard to find G2 owners a permanent root solutions. Let’s hope that once a solution is found, @paulobrien or other developers can make it as simple as the VISIONary one-click (temporary) root application.