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John Carmack and id Software to port Rage game to Android

UPDATE: John Carmack has a new blog post up discussing Rage on iOS. Really good read.

PREVIOUS: John Carmack, co-Founder of id Software and lead programmer of hit games like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, just tweeted that he is porting Rage to Android. We first saw Rage when it was presented as a tech demo on the iPhone 4 at Quakcon 2010, but it has since turned into a full-blown game.

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise since id Software posted a job listing for an Android developer last month, so it sound like they might have found their man (or woman).

Like we said last time, the graphics looked amazing and will make a lot of Android fans jealous, but most of the latest Android phones actually have the power to duplicate the same performance. Carmack also said the visuals in his Rage demo matched anything from the Playstation 2 or original XBOX.

Carmack originally said he was “spot-surveying” the Android ecosystem to see if it was worth supporting and would evaluate it again in six months but something must have excited him enough to move up the schedule. Maybe NVIDIA lent him a Tegra 2 phone.

We also know from a previous post that Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 3 is also coming to Android, so we now have the top two PC game engines making their way to Google’s mobile OS.

These are pretty exciting times for Android fans who like to game. Bring on that PlayStation Phone project and the dual-core phones!

If you want more Rage goodness, head over to YouTube and watch the trailer for the PC game.

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