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Android and Me newsletter: stay informed, win stuff

In today’s episode of Things We Should’ve Announced a Year Ago we’re happy to announce that the official Android and Me mailing list is finally open. Interested users can sign up below.

Best of all, signing up for the mailing list comes with all sorts of perks. Subscribed users will regularly have access to the following:

  • Weekly newsletter (it probably won’t be weekly, we are really just promising NOT to email you more than once a week)
  • Previews and early announcements about new site features
  • Event announcements (be the first to know about our meetups or parties)
  • Free stuff (in contests and randomly- starting today!)

We plan on using the newsletter to stay connected with our most hardcore readers. Need beta testers for the new site? Mailing list. Need power-users to contribute ideas? Mailing list. Spare tees left over from an event? Mailing list. If you’d like to more actively participate on this site, this newsletter is for you. Now, about the toys…

Win an Android Mini Collectible Figure

Each day this week we’ll be giving away select Android minifigs away to random newsletter subscribers. To win, all you’ve gotta do is sign up. Each day, we’ll tweet a photo of the toy up for grabs- some will be mystery-packed in box, some will be specific figures (read: we just had to open some).

Today, to get things started, and since we missed Monday, we’ve got two figures on the block- a random, in-box figure and a white/red “albino” variant. Both figures will go to one random subscriber at the end of the day. Winners will be notified via email.

And tomorrow we’ll be back with more- if you don’t win today, you don’t need to enter again tomorrow. We’ll pick from the entire list each time we do a giveaway (and signing up with multiple emails would be lame, aside from the prizes we are eventually going to deliver mail to all your addresses- who wants that?). If there’s a certain figure you’re looking for, leave a comment, maybe we’ve got one and can throw it into the mix.

You can always find the full subscribe form at: http://eepurl.com/w9L3


Today’s prize is a “Worker” Android figure and a Chevy OnStar wooden thumbdrive. I’ve got no idea how big it is, what’s on it (probably a press kit), and I’ve never used it. We get handed a lot of press trinkets and I figured we could pass some along to our readers.

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THURSDAY UPDATE – Yesterday someone asked for an Android bag as a prize and while I don’t specifically have one, this seemed pretty close. We’ve got a CopperBot riding inside a Sprint lunch tote. The lunch tote is insulated and seems to be made from recycled materials.

Next time you bring your lunch from home and your coworkers make fun of you as they head out for a big meal, you can at least take solace in the fact that you won the bag from an awesome blog. And it came with a toy. So forget them, man.

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FRIDAY UPDATE – With the weekend fast approaching it looks like our little green friend is ready to cut loose. Up for grabs today is a traditional green Android figure and an unopened mystery-packed figure. You’ll also get a Nerd Crest pin, because I found it on my desk minutes before taking the photo and thought it was appropriate.

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This is our last round of toys for the week, but keep an eye on the newsletter in the future (possibly over the weekend?) for more chances to win free swag.

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