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Galaxy Tab pricing revealed, $649 full price, $399 with 2-yr contract

The U.S. debut of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is quickly approaching and new details of the launch are beginning to leak out. According to multiple sources it appears the 7-inch Tab will hit retail stores in November and sell for $399 with a 2-year contract or $599-649 at full price.

Verizon could be the first to sell the Tab with a rumored launch date of November 1st, followed by Sprint on the 14th, and leaks suggest AT&T and T-Mobile will also release their versions during Q4.

I got my hands-on the Galaxy Tab last month and it was the most impressive Android tablet I’ve seen yet, but I’m not completely sold on signing up for another 2-year contract when I already own an Android phone that can do nearly all the same tasks. With Google set to release their Honeycomb tablets sometime in 2011 (my guess is Q2), it is hard for me to commit to a device like the Tab that is going to be obsolete pretty soon.

A cheaper WiFi-only version might be a little easier to swallow (and Samsung confirmed one is coming), but we have heard no details on an actual release date and it might not be available till next year.

Based on the rumored pricing, how many of you are going to pick up a Galaxy Tab when it goes on sale next month?

Source: TmoNews

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