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Google TV hits a snag, television networks block online content

Anyone thinking about picking up the Logitech Revue or any of SONY’s Google TV products may want to hold off for a bit. The whole point of Google TV is to watch what you want when you want. But all that is a bit pointless when television networks block their streaming online content.

ABC, NBC, and CBS have already put measures in place to block any and all Google TV products from accessing their online libraries of shows. Currently, Fox is the only major broadcast channel that is still available, but there’s no guarantee as to how long that will last.

Reuters is reporting that Google is in negotiations with the three broadcast companies that have blocked access to Google TV. The hope is that an agreement is reached so that content from their websites can be optimized for Google TV just as sites like TBS, TNT, HBO, and CNN have.

How successful will Google TV be if online content is not available?

Source: Reuters

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