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Samsung’s Nexus Two-point-three in the wild running Gingerbread

The above image is a fake, but there are real Samsung Google-experience phones in the wild that are running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). In yesterday’s rumor report I referred to the device as its codename “Nexus Two”, but that’s not the actual product name you will see when it hits stores.

As many of you know, on Friday, October 22nd Google placed the giant Gingerbread man in their front lawn to signify that Android 2.3 had been completed. Guess what else happened on the 22nd? Google has strictly forbid any Gingerbread test devices from leaving their campus, but that restriction was removed on the same day the statue appeared.

We confirmed there are Android 2.3 devices in the wild because insiders with those devices read this site (and talk with us) and we see them popping up in our Analytics reports.

Android 2.3

Android 2.3 started appearing on Oct. 22nd.

Then on the following Monday, October 25th Samsung began sending out emails to the press inviting them to “the unveiling of a new Android device”. The image for the press event featured a stock-ticker theme to signify the dual-screen Samsung Continuum and even had the file name “Continuum_Invitation_FINAL.jpg”. The Continuum is a Android 2.1 phone headed to Verizon and if you want to know more then go read Phil’s hands-on report.

I’m not saying that Samsung won’t announce the Continuum on November 8th, but I do believe they are using it as a cover to hold their event and then spring the surprise Google-experience Gingerbread phone to the masses.

In closing…

  • Yes, I still believe the Samsung Google-experience phone is real
  • Yes, it is in the hands of testers as confirmed by several of my sources
  • Yes, you will be able to purchase it this year
  • No, it will not actually be called the “Nexus Two”, but it is a “Nexus” device
  • Yes, the Continuum will also likely be announced on Nov. 8th
  • No, the Continuum is not the “Nexus Two” nor is it a stock Android 2.3 phone

Let the speculation continue. We will find out what Samsung is secretly working on come November 8th.

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