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T-Mobile’s new myTouch 4G to debut on November 3rd

There is still a lot of confusion over what T-Mobile will call their new myTouch phone, but you can pencil in November 3rd as the launch date, according to a leaked internal email.

T-Mobile’s registration page refers to the device as “The new myTouch”, their official forums label it as the “myTouch HSPA+”, leaked accessories have “myTouch HD” printed on them, and test units in the wild say “myTouch 4G” when booted up.

Given that T-Mobile is overhauling their data plans on the same day as the new myTouch launch and claiming they will be “loud and proud” with a network message in advertising, I still believe we will see them using the “myTouch 4G” name paired with “America’s largest 4G network“.

Most of the remaining details about the device have already been revealed. The new myTouch is virtually identical (in terms of hardware) to the Desire HD with the addition of a front facing camera and T-Mobile’s custom Espresso UI. Additional highlights include a second-generation 1 GHz Snapdragon processor (HTC’s fastest yet), availability in four colors, WiFi calling, and a new video service called T-Mobile TV.

If you can get by without a physical QWERTY keyboard, then the new myTouch is your best bet on T-Mobile this year.

What do you think T-Mobile will call the latest addition to their myTouch family?

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