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Best Buy buyer’s guide reveals WiFi-only Galaxy Tab for $499

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is hitting Verizon on Nov. 11th and Sprint on Nov. 14th, but what should customer’s do if they want the device without a monthly wireless data fee?

A leaked pic from an upcoming Best Buy buyer’s guide reveals the retail giant will sell a WiFi-only version of the Galaxy Tab for $499.99 – that’s $100 cheaper than Verizon’s 3G version and no contract is required. This means the total cost of ownership is only $500 and you can tether it to your Android phone when you want to get online.

Originally when we went hands-on with the Tab, Samsung said they had no plans to produce a WiFi-only version. I was pretty vocal that customers would want a WiFi-only version and made a point to bring it up again during the press conference at IFA, so you can thank me later when you pick one up.

Does a cheaper price change your mind about picking up the Galaxy Tab or will you still wait for the Honeycomb tablets that are coming early next year?

Best Buy might be the first to offer a WiFi-only Tab.

Best Buy might be the first to offer a WiFi-only Tab.

Source: Pocketables

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