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[GIVEAWAY] Win a limited edition Andy Robot character for Pocket Legends

About a week ago, we announced the release of Pocket Legends, a 3D multi-platform massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). The screenshots we received from Spacetime Studios, creators of Pocket Legends, showed the lovable Android Robot as a playable character. Several of our readers expressed frustration that they were unable to locate/unlock the Andy Robot so they too could play as the Android mascot.

Turns out, the Andy character was more of a PR thing, and though you may see him in game from time to time, there was no intent to unleash him as a playable character.


It seems we caused enough of a stink about this development that Spacetime Studios decided to unleash 12 of these characters into the wild. And we have one to give away to one of you lucky readers! All you have to do is leave a comment below by 9pm CST on Friday, November 19th with an email address in the appropriate field so we can contact you!

Good luck, everyone!

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  1. MatthewGuest 4 years ago

    I want to be andy! Make me like andy!

  2. IrfanGuest 4 years ago

    me please!

  3. elrichGuest 4 years ago

    Hmm interesting gonna check this out

  4. Colin EdwardsGuest 4 years ago

    Count me in!

  5. AaronGuest 4 years ago

    I have to have it!

  6. MiKa S.H. WeeGuest 4 years ago

    i luv andy! :D

  7. mustaGuest 4 years ago

    it’s green like me dealing with this damn flu… it’s a sign!

  8. DaveGuest 4 years ago

    Who wouldn’t want to win?

  9. VinnyGuest 4 years ago

    Andy <3!

  10. Casper ClausenGuest 4 years ago
  11. James FowlerGuest 4 years ago

    W00t, Andy for the win!

  12. GasolinaGuest 4 years ago
  13. Michael BrindamourGuest 4 years ago

    Andy Me please?!?

  14. BrentGuest 4 years ago
  15. DailylukeGuest 4 years ago



  16. Svetlin PopovGuest 4 years ago

    Me please!

  17. Scott CGuest 4 years ago

    Wow Like I have never had a friend like this!

  18. ChrisGuest 4 years ago

    Do want!

  19. GregGuest 4 years ago

    Oh man, playable Andy woud be sweet

  20. MikeGuest 4 years ago

    I want an Andy… Gimme and Andy…. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  21. shr1k3rGuest 4 years ago

    I wantz


  22. SephGuest 4 years ago

    me me meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  23. DiGsGuest 4 years ago

    Hook it up

  24. LarryGuest 4 years ago

    Gimme some green Andy goodness!

  25. JonathanGuest 4 years ago
  26. Bruce BurkeGuest 4 years ago

    I’m not much of a game player but I love the little green guy! Andy Rocks!

  27. EdGuest 4 years ago

    Omg, do want!

  28. This would be so cool to have! Such a great game to play regardless, one of the best on Android today!

  29. JoshGuest 4 years ago

    i need me an andy!

  30. davidposso1@gmail.comGuest 4 years ago

    Me me me me me me me me…. Lol (i guess this giveaway makes you act like a kid lol)

  31. Dain BinderGuest 4 years ago

    Andy, I have been looking for you…come home to Dada.

  32. LuisGuest 4 years ago

    The game is fun, I wonder what class Andy would be?

  33. MefGuest 4 years ago

    Yay a code to scan, I looked for this the other day and didn’t find it… and a chance for an Andy toy… yay.

  34. Uriel B.Guest 4 years ago

    Wow looks really awesome. I’m happy that Android is growing everyday. Hope I win!

  35. Martin BraidleyGuest 4 years ago
  36. AspirinaGuest 4 years ago

    I want one! Comment

  37. colin ByelongGuest 4 years ago

    Lets have him :0)

  38. YayyyyGuest 4 years ago

    Omgg yesss pleaseeee. I would love this character :) email meee porfavorrr. :D

  39. Martin BraidleyGuest 4 years ago

    I Needz android :O!

  40. JakobGuest 4 years ago

    Is the andy character just a vanity piece that any of your characters can wear? Or is it a whole new character

  41. Nicolas ChanGuest 4 years ago

    DO WANT!

  42. Brett RGuest 4 years ago

    Pick me, pick me!!

  43. daniel horandeGuest 4 years ago

    Me me me me me !!!! :-)

  44. J-ManGuest 4 years ago

    What the heck, why not go for it!

  45. Josh SGuest 4 years ago

    Started playing this game after your review, and it’s awesome! I would love to play as Andy!!

  46. RyanGuest 4 years ago

    Awesome, I wonder if I can shoot a fireball at my enemy a large Apple from my antennas and rescue the human race from mediocrity.

  47. AlexGuest 4 years ago

    Ooh I want this Andy.

  48. BrianGuest 4 years ago

    Ill give it a shot, thanks!

  49. AdrianGuest 4 years ago

    I’m ready.

  50. johnGuest 4 years ago

    The game is awesome and i would love to play Andy over my bear :)

  51. ClintGuest 4 years ago

    I’d like to play as Andy!

  52. Thyg0dGuest 4 years ago

    Me wantie! pliiiiiz!

  53. Steve FGuest 4 years ago

    Andy me please!

  54. DavidGuest 4 years ago

    Andy is really cool!

  55. antoineGuest 4 years ago

    Me me me!!!!!

  56. GeraldoGuest 4 years ago

    Oh man, I hope I get one…

  57. Jason VieiraGuest 4 years ago

    take me to your andy!

  58. FelixGuest 4 years ago

    Andy me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Michael LeeGuest 4 years ago

    What a cool character

  60. TiagoGuest 4 years ago

    Pick me, pick me! o/

  61. AdamGuest 4 years ago

    I want it bad

  62. Steve AGuest 4 years ago

    Me want!

    Sent from my Android phone :)

  63. jonGuest 4 years ago

    I wanna win andy!

  64. AndrewGuest 4 years ago
  65. zachGuest 4 years ago

    Do want!

  66. 20SylGuest 4 years ago

    Come on little boy !

  67. RichardGuest 4 years ago

    I want one!

  68. KyrokGuest 4 years ago

  70. AdamGuest 4 years ago

    Brings back the days when you were thinking “man, I gotta catch’em all!”

    This would definitely be the one to have when it comes to epic playable characters.

  71. Galen20KGuest 4 years ago

    I Would LOVE one to use on my Plum myTouch 4G! thank ya’ ; D

  72. Mocha KGuest 4 years ago

    Of course I want to be andy!

  73. DappyGuest 4 years ago

    I want to be Andy!

  74. Mohamed HamdaanGuest 4 years ago


  75. onthefritzGuest 4 years ago

    me me me!

  76. cameronGuest 4 years ago

    Such a fun game, I need him.

  77. TimGuest 4 years ago

    Oh man awweesome!

  78. BoGuest 4 years ago

    Pretty please! Droooooiiiiiiiid, oh drooooooiiiiiiiiddddddd where are you?

  79. grellanlGuest 4 years ago

    Those Andy toys are like gold dust, everyone wants them.

    Also, they should TOTALLY make him a fully playable character.

  80. Mitch ' DokDeth ' GardnerGuest 4 years ago

    Most bloody fun you can LEGALLY have mit der digits ! Thanks to all involved. You may all take a cookie outta da pretty box. . .

    The doc. .

  81. I’d love to be Andy. Amazing!

  82. NickGuest 4 years ago
  83. Stephen ArraGuest 4 years ago

    i would like.

  84. slntbob_Guest 4 years ago

    i love this game :D

  85. DwiantoGuest 4 years ago

    Andy… Andy.. Where are you???

  86. patrick (Wolfie)Guest 4 years ago

    I would like to get Andy the level 80 self buffing axe welding eye shooting casting loved ubber Ogre color rampageing robot.

    Wolfs An Licks All :)-

  87. Jason LassourreilleGuest 4 years ago

    This may be my WoW additction talking… I have been clean for so long… but I NEEEED this.

  88. JoshuaGuest 4 years ago

    This would be awesome, I wonder what kind of attack Andy has?

  89. marGuest 4 years ago

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

  90. Alfonso SurrocaGuest 4 years ago

    I want to be Andy!!!!

  91. alexander ekinGuest 4 years ago

    Cool give away

  92. John PGuest 4 years ago

    Andy is so cool! I’d pay extra for him if they offered it!

  93. SamGuest 4 years ago

    Sweet! looks like a cool game

  94. FrankGuest 4 years ago

    I want!!!.:D

  95. Luis M.Guest 4 years ago


    I want one. :)

  96. B2LGuest 4 years ago

    Sounds awesome.

  97. bindeeGuest 4 years ago

    I want this!! Haven’t played the game too much, this may be the incentive I need!

  98. OskarGuest 4 years ago


  99. CriminosisGuest 4 years ago

    Android in MMO!

  100. KevinGuest 4 years ago

    Oh yeah! That would be awesome.

  101. brokenartistGuest 4 years ago

    This is the Droid I have been looking for!

  102. AaronGuest 4 years ago

    Id like andy!

  103. Darren SmithGuest 4 years ago

    Android and me I wanna run around with Andy and show him a good time with pocket legends

  104. Darren SmithGuest 4 years ago

    Android and me I wanna run around with Andy and show him a good time with pocket legends I messed up my email ignore the first comment I made

  105. GLENNGuest 4 years ago

    Make mine Andy!!

  106. MichaelGuest 4 years ago

    I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe

  107. John BGuest 4 years ago

    I would write his name on the bottom of his foot.

  108. KevinGuest 4 years ago

    Andy me plz!

  109. FishstickGuest 4 years ago

    This game takes up much of my time! I love being able to pick it up and play for just a few munutes and actually accomplish something.

  110. felixGuest 4 years ago

    Pick Me!!

  111. elmuSSoGuest 4 years ago

    Yeah. That would be great to play as Magnificent Andy!

  112. RothaarGuest 4 years ago

    Soon the world of Pocket Legends will be invaded by little green men… err… androids! I’d love to be able to play as Andy!

  113. charlieGuest 4 years ago

    Awesome game

  114. leidenGuest 4 years ago

    Oboj oboj oboj, would’ve been awesome.

  115. BeemGuest 4 years ago

    I want this awesome andy character!! Andy rock!!

  116. DeeGuest 4 years ago

    what class is andy?

  117. jasonGuest 4 years ago

    pls i want andy avatar!!!!!!!!! pls pls pls pls :)

  118. mikaelGuest 4 years ago

    PLZZZZZ… Must…have…lol

  119. ZalexGuest 4 years ago

    I would like one of them!!

    Thx! ;)

  120. brendanGuest 4 years ago

    im not sure how our little green friend could ever be stopped!

  121. PeteGuest 4 years ago

    That’s neat… I’m glad they’re receptive to wanting to have fun with their player base. :D

  122. Andy rocks pick me pick me
    (:][ ]=

  123. StinglyGuest 4 years ago

    Yes please! Andy FTW!

  124. DannyGuest 4 years ago

    I would love to play as Andy :D

  125. dragondaggerGuest 4 years ago

    Heh playing as Andy sounds fun!

  126. rollo tomasiGuest 4 years ago

    Me plz. :)

  127. GaryGuest 4 years ago

    I want that Andy character soooo bad!

  128. I downloaded the game when i saw i could play as andy. Please make that dream come true

  129. AndresGuest 4 years ago

    Andy FTW

  130. dvsDaveGuest 4 years ago

    Andy, Andy, Andy! Oi Oi Oi ;)

  131. AddoneGuest 4 years ago

    Now…to also get some Andy plushies and other memorabilia… :)

  132. Allahbaksh AsadullahGuest 4 years ago

    I will be very happy if I could get this.

  133. JaredGuest 4 years ago

    I am all over this!

  134. KarenGuest 4 years ago

    I need an Andy! :)

  135. srikanthGuest 4 years ago

    If a Android character was created for the game, they should have used it as a playable character. It would have created lot of hype for the game and if game was good, it would have rocked the android world.

  136. DonnaGuest 4 years ago

    I have 2 friends named Andy! I could use another one! Though, THIS Andy would be my BFF!! :)

  137. RobertGuest 4 years ago

    I’m loving this game so far, the only downside I have found is lack of options for getting platinum in game. I’m sure that will be addressed at a later time.

  138. harikaGuest 4 years ago

    I love the charcter …. hope I get it!

  139. jamesGuest 4 years ago

    I want to win… Andy!!!

  140. SimplicissimusGuest 4 years ago

    I herewith prostitute comment for a character.

  141. Dan R.Guest 4 years ago

    Andy is my homeboy.

  142. Gramer GumbyteGuest 4 years ago

    Android FTW

    only 12 people will be honored to play as Android ;)

  143. DanielGuest 4 years ago

    Would love to have Andy in the game. I have been looking for something new and different to play.

  144. JoshuaGuest 4 years ago

    AN—DY AN-DY!!! I want to slay my foes as a little green giant

  145. NefulonGuest 4 years ago

    Give please :D would be great :) good luck to everybody!

  146. So, this is my one shot at getting Andy???
    How many comments can I leave?

  147. HardeepGuest 4 years ago

    Wants :o

  148. Low-KeyGuest 4 years ago

    Good luck everyone!

  149. ShaunGuest 4 years ago

    Good luck!!

  150. MikeGuest 4 years ago

    Andy was the best man at my wedding. A human, not the android.

  151. Eddie O. CarboGuest 4 years ago

    ME Me Me!!!!! :D

  152. I’ll be the boys pappy (bernie mac voice)

  153. Ryan HutchinsonGuest 4 years ago

    That is do cool to play as andy

  154. Cameron McHughGuest 4 years ago
  155. Eric PannellGuest 4 years ago
  156. fangdroidGuest 4 years ago

    I love this game too much!

  157. Eric PannellGuest 4 years ago

    I want to win one! Here is my comment!

  158. xX_ORIGINAL_XxGuest 4 years ago


  159. Quentin DewolfGuest 4 years ago

    hello, i love the excitement

  160. eladGuest 4 years ago

    me! me! pick me!

  161. BeverageNinjaGuest 4 years ago

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  162. NickGuest 4 years ago

    I feel I should deserve to win it! If you’re playing on your Android phone, you should consider picking up the Galaxy Tab just for this game. It’s much more fun with a 7 inch screen.

  163. Brent AweGuest 4 years ago

    this game gets me through my work day appx 3 days a week!

  164. NathanGuest 4 years ago

    oh man i was so ready to play this until i saw no andy as a choice.

    please pick me! only character i want to play as, and i can’t wait to play this game on the Nexus S when it comes out.

  165. GotRoot?Guest 4 years ago

    Andy is in a class all his own. Andy FTW!!

  166. X24JesusGuest 4 years ago

    Woo sha!

  167. mercado79Guest 4 years ago

    Seriously now… my birthday is on the 19th. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.

  168. MikeGuest 4 years ago

    I’ve just met Droid in the game whilst he was hanging out with Raol. Got me some fetching Andy antennas to show off with. Now all I need is an Andy to play with to complete my collection. Give him to me… go on… you know you want to!

  169. EvaryontGuest 4 years ago

    Here’s hoping I’m lucky today! Android ftw! Andy ftw!

  170. dylan oliverGuest 4 years ago
  171. Ryan McKayGuest 4 years ago

    oh I’ll take a shot at it. :D

  172. MortenGuest 4 years ago

    Would love a playable android :)

  173. I would be so pro with is avatar!

  174. SenkradGuest 4 years ago

    I, for one, welcome our new Droid overlords

  175. Mista2xGuest 4 years ago

    I <3 andy and android and me!

  176. Interesting…!! All the very best to everybody! :)

  177. WilliamGuest 4 years ago

    I like it.

  178. Zer0-9Guest 4 years ago

    I’ll toss my hat in.

  179. MattGuest 4 years ago

    Ooo. Enter me into the giveaway please. This would be great to have.

  180. marc moranoGuest 4 years ago

    me please i love andy and so does my son we fight over my phone to play lol

  181. Juan AlbertyGuest 4 years ago

    Great game!

  182. Stefan SonessonGuest 4 years ago

    Beam me up!

  183. AegentironyGuest 4 years ago

    Pick me !

  184. DarknesSxGuest 4 years ago

    i`m in :D Good Luck to everyone , Best Luck for MEEE! :D xD

  185. Marcell LévaiGuest 4 years ago

    And for me :)))

  186. Mehmet HoopsGuest 4 years ago

    I love me some Andy!

  187. JesGuest 4 years ago


  188. CHRIS SGuest 4 years ago

    I want to be Andy

  189. TimothyGuest 4 years ago

    Love this game! Android power! Lol

  190. ANDY!!!!! ANDY!!!!!!

  191. DreGuest 4 years ago


  192. JoshGuest 4 years ago

    Do want!

  193. BrianGuest 4 years ago

    I wants!

  194. ChaosKillerGuest 4 years ago

    Damn this sounds awesome!

  195. jasonGuest 4 years ago

    I want one :)

  196. HpsGuest 4 years ago

    Yes please!
    I love this game and need to kick in some awesome looking like a droid!

  197. This would be awesome! Please pick me! :-)

  198. dustinGuest 4 years ago

    me likey…me want….

  199. BrianGuest 4 years ago

    I can has Andy oh and cheezburgers

  200. B_megatronGuest 4 years ago

    This is one Hell of a game for Android gotta love it I was up four o’clock in the morning blazed playing this game with plenty other people lol

  201. marcusGuest 4 years ago


  202. ragaltharGuest 4 years ago

    Thanks for that. I want Andy, too.

  203. Peter SGuest 4 years ago

    AHHHHH give me andy so I can destroy everything in style!

  204. Henry SGuest 4 years ago
  205. Calum DGuest 4 years ago
  206. OmeerGuest 4 years ago

    This little Android and Me will be buddies for life…

  207. Bennet ManuelGuest 4 years ago

    Love Mr. Andy

  208. JonGuest 4 years ago

    This game is really fun, I want an Android toon!

  209. RayMatthewGuest 4 years ago

    I WANT! c:

  210. AaronGuest 4 years ago

    TODO: Insert witty comment to increase my chances of winning here.

  211. zhectGuest 4 years ago

    I waant one!

  212. DannyGuest 4 years ago

    Mister andy to me ! :D

  213. I would love to play as Andy! Best of all, according to Spacetime Studios, iPhone users will see us running around in the Andy costume as well! =D

  214. JRGuest 4 years ago

    me me me, I wanna be Andy in the Game!!!

    Roses are red, Violets are Blue I want to be Green like Andy AND YOU!!!!

    ( of envy, get it ? ;)

  215. RichardGuest 4 years ago

    OMG I would totaly PWN with Andy as a character!!!

  216. DanGuest 4 years ago

    Playing as Andy would be cool, but none the less, the game is pretty sweet alone.

  217. Steve WrightGuest 4 years ago

    This would re-define epic!!!!

  218. PhaseBurnGuest 4 years ago

    I want to be the droid they are looking for!

  219. Ok, if i must, i’ll have Andy. =)

  220. abadomaXGuest 4 years ago

    I wonder if getting one of the other 11 would be an easier task..

  221. MerleGuest 4 years ago

    Hope I win =D

  222. Dave WGuest 4 years ago

    Oh man, that would be awesome! Hope I win!

  223. MZazaGuest 4 years ago

    Me me me please!!

  224. coggy9Guest 4 years ago

    I want one!

  225. eranjelloGuest 4 years ago

    Enjoyed the little I’ve played, definitely an awesome game. Would LOVE to run around as an android!

  226. xjackson22xGuest 4 years ago

    I want to be Andy. :D

  227. sungamGuest 4 years ago

    Pick me please

  228. ColinGuest 4 years ago

    Me me me!

  229. JonathanGuest 4 years ago

    pick meez!

  230. SilverponyGuest 4 years ago

    This is a great game!

  231. davidGuest 4 years ago

    i would like a droid please

  232. MadsGuest 4 years ago

    Andy! Shit there is a lot of comments! That means: Android rules the world!

  233. adam SGuest 4 years ago

    Please hook me up with andy.

  234. jinxygrrlGuest 4 years ago

    I want an Andy! He’s sooooooooo cuuuute!

  235. daveGuest 4 years ago

    gimme gimme

  236. IdoGuest 4 years ago

    Andy the robot? want!

  237. I might actually play if I win him!

  238. I would love to have this little promo item due the fact that its just AWESOME! also, bragging rights! maybe they can do a promo character for the iPod versions with an apple or a FREE CASE TO IMPROVE RECEPTION that has arms and legs? also, wonder what Andy’s skill set/attacks would be?

  239. MikeGuest 4 years ago

    Do want!

  240. SergioGuest 4 years ago

    I need robit!!!!!

  241. sean marcisinGuest 4 years ago

    wow that would make my life! i love that game

  242. BogartOfElCajonGuest 4 years ago

    I love contests. FTW!

  243. Now that’s one way to make sure you get comments. I want in.

  244. James SchumacherGuest 4 years ago
  245. John DagdagGuest 4 years ago

    Love the game. Hope I win.

  246. Grey ReevesGuest 4 years ago

    I badly want Andy! Green Droids just rock:)

  247. Larry SullivanGuest 4 years ago

    Am loving the game and think it would be cool to a warrior android in the game. Thanks for the contest.

  248. JeremyGuest 4 years ago

    Cool beans! +1 for Andy

  249. BulletproofheebGuest 4 years ago

    Very nice. I desire it!

  250. AnthonyGuest 4 years ago


  251. JeffGuest 4 years ago

    I would be unstoppable if only I could be Andy, my plan to take over the world could begin to take shape!

  252. Stephanie KirbyGuest 4 years ago

    I <3 Andy.

  253. JavierGuest 4 years ago

    count me in

  254. CorpserGuest 4 years ago

    Cool I would love to win this costume thy would be the best sweet that is so cool

  255. CorpserGuest 4 years ago

    I want to be a robot in pocket legends please make me it plese that would be so cook

  256. SteveGuest 4 years ago
  257. jaredGuest 4 years ago
  258. CaptainGuest 4 years ago

    daddy i want limited edition Andy Robot character for Pocket Legends. Daddy i want a limited edition Andy Robot character for Pocket Legends right away.

  259. kyleGuest 4 years ago

    are you tellin me i can get a little android man as a character!??!?!?!
    i want :D

  260. CristalGuest 4 years ago

    I’ve loved the little guy since my first Android phone G1… I would love to have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ツ

  261. StevenGuest 4 years ago

    Oh I want to be Andy tooo!!! I’m really one of its aldest fans, loved android from before ADC1!! When there wasn’t any device yet, just a platform :D

  262. StevenGuest 4 years ago

    Oh I want to be Andy tooo!!! I’m really one of its oldest fans, loved android from before ADC1!! When there wasn’t any device yet, just a platform :D

  263. Soap2Guest 4 years ago

    I don’t play, but this might give me a reason to.

  264. ToastTito77Guest 4 years ago

    Haha with andy, I can make all my iphone friends jealous with my exclusive character :D

  265. carissaGuest 4 years ago

    I want one! :)

  266. JimGuest 4 years ago

    Andy, cliche! ah well, cute!

  267. ArtelicGuest 4 years ago

    Choose me!

  268. XBravGuest 4 years ago

    It would be totally cool to win this!

  269. JustinGuest 4 years ago

    I would love to have one :) thanks

  270. nickGuest 4 years ago

    woot, thanks for the opportunity!

  271. me me me me me me me!!! :P

  272. WOW I would totally Kill an archer for that ANDY Character btw I am loving pocket legends!

  273. CombatWombatGuest 4 years ago

    Me me me me me me me me me me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do want!

  274. chanceGuest 4 years ago

    Oh jeez that would be awesome. Andy smash!

  275. Julio ChavezGuest 4 years ago

    I want an Andy please!

  276. chrisGuest 4 years ago

    Better than my archer!

  277. Zack EGuest 4 years ago

    Oh yeah, green me baby green me!

  278. CatalecticGuest 4 years ago

    Me wants! (-:

  279. Joshua SantiagoGuest 4 years ago

    Me? Please? :P

  280. LuluGuest 4 years ago

    It’s so cute <3 <3

  281. JordanGuest 4 years ago

    would LOVE to get this guy haha :D

  282. AndyGuest 4 years ago

    Andy deserve Andy hahaaaaaaaaaaaay :D

  283. SpencerGuest 4 years ago

    Loving Pocket Legends. I do wish that there was more options for skill trees though.

  284. john bowdreGuest 4 years ago

    I would like to play as Andy for a bit please.

  285. Donya ThomasGuest 4 years ago

    WoWers can finally leave the house! PL is pretty fun with amazing graphics on my Samsung Epic.

  286. Andy is the way to go in Pocket Legends! :D

  287. JestocostGuest 4 years ago

    Yes please! Droidin’ it up.