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This is what games will look like on Honeycomb tablets [VIDEO]

“You’ll be shocked how wonderful it is.” “Absolutely, absolutely magical.” That is how NVIDIA’s CEO described the upcoming Honeycomb tablets featuring their dual-core Tegra 2 processor that are coming next year.

We don’t know exactly what experiences he was describing, but Android games are about to get a major boost thanks to the Ultra-low power (ULP) GeForce GPU found inside Tegra 2 and upcoming 3D game engines like Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and id Software’s Rage Mobile.

Check out some game demo videos after the jump to see what type of launch titles we might see for Honeycomb devices.

Unreal Engine 3 – Epic Games

When NVIDIA unveiled the Tegra 2 processor at the last CES in January, they used an Unreal Engine tech demo to show off the power of their hardware.

We already previewed a few upcoming Android games running on Tegra 2 devices like Dungeon Defenders and games from SouthPeak, but we are going to see a much larger number of titles get announced as we approach the rumored Honeycomb launch date of February.

For an idea of what the Unreal Engine can do, check out this iPad demo called Epic Citadel. The Unreal Engine 3 graphics are simply amazing and we know that NVIDIA said their Tegra 2 offers 5x faster gaming performance (over single core CPUs running at 1 GHz). I’m not saying you would actually see 5x performance in this single demo, but Tegra 2 tablets should outperform the graphics of the iPad.

Epic Games is also working on a new title this holiday season for iOS called Infinity Blade. We have no idea how hard it is to port iOS games built with the Unreal Development Kit to Android so we don’t know if we will ever see this game, but one can hope.

Rage Mobile – id Software

There were hints that id Software would produce Android games when they posted a job listing for an Android developer last month. Then recently John Carmack, co-Founder of id Software and lead programmer tweeted he was porting Rage Mobile to Android.

The first Rage game just hit iOS called Mutant Bash TV (or Rage HD) and id Software is selling it for the unbelievably low price of $1.99 (non-HD version is $0.99). The HD version for iPad is a huge download of 743 MB and it expands to over 1 GB when fully installed, so you can get an idea of how much space these HD games will eat up on your Android tablet.

We still have a couple months left till Android tablets with Honeycomb go on sale, so I’m sure the game developers are working around the clock and we should see some pretty cool titles at launch. Which games look the best and which ones do you hope find their way to Android?

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