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A quick look inside the firmware of the leaked Samsung GT-i9200

Last week a mysterious Samsung firmware leaked out for a phone with the model number GT-i9200. No one knows for sure what the device is, but a lot of people got excited about it because the model number was similar to other high-profile leaks like the Nexus S (GT-i9020) and the “Galaxy 2″ (GT-i9100).

Hackers dug through the firmware and found reference to the original Hummingbird processor (S5PC110) and a 800×480 display, so it appeared to be from the Galaxy S family at first.

Now another forums member from xda-developers, Pako7, took the firmware and extracted all the image files from it. There is nothing too mind blowing inside, but there are screens of a new camera interface, the virtual keyboard, and a boatload of app icons.

Some of the icons are new, but a few are also known. The reason some look familiar is because they appeared in the slide decks of that leaked Samsung flagship phone that was posted earlier this month. While I don’t believe the 1st half flagship phone is the GT-i9200, at least we know these icons are real.

The Samsung flagship phone that leaked earlier this month.

So overall there is nothing to really get excited over, unless you happen to be a fan of pretty icons. If you want to browse through the other images, hit up the source link and grab the zip file.

What do you think the relation is between these two leaks, if any?

samsung-i9200-keyboard-2 samsung-i9200-keyboard samsung-i9200-camera samsung-i9200-apps Samsung Icons

[Thanks Geee Keeem for the tip]

Source: XDA Developers

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