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Another trusted source confirms dual-core Samsung phone

Last week one of our trusted sources revealed that Samsung had scrapped the planned November 11th launch of the Nexus S at Best Buy and they were already testing a new dual-core version. This news caught a lot of people by surprise because many in the industry did not expect Samsung would have a dual-core processor ready this year.

Samsung announced their dual-core Orion back in September and we predicted it would appear in a Galaxy phone since they said it would be available to “select customers” in the fourth quarter. No one had reported on the Orion being used in any phones, but a development platform was spotted last week and they already had Android 2.2 working on it.

Now today we spotted Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin tweet that he played with the Samsung GT-i9100 (or Galaxy 2) and it was running a dual-core processor. He went on to say he was impressed with the device and it had a better display than the Galaxy S, featured a plastic casing, and was scheduled to launch in Q1 2011.

When talking about the Nexus S (or Nexus Two) we have been using the model numbers GT-i9010 and GT-i9020 which have both been spotted all over the place. The original Samsung Galaxy S had the model number GT-i9000 so it sounds believable that the other GT-i90xx devices were just tweaks of the older design and the GT-i9100 is the new dual-core platform.

What does this mean to the release of Android 2.3? I believe the reports that Samsung has dual-core phones in testing, but I’m having a hard time seeing them produce enough units in time for the Christmas holiday. Google clearly wants to get Gingerbread out the oven, but it is rumored that they made a deal with Samsung to allow them to launch the lead device.

Do you think Samsung can get their dual-core phone ready in time for the important holiday shopping season?

[Thank you delirium for the tip.]

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