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Is Gingerbread Android 2.3 coming in the next few days?

The “Nexus Two” might have been delayed, but there is still a possibility that some lucky users might receive Android 2.3 this week. Our friends from Android Police spotted a tweet from an Open Handset Alliance member that suggest Google could release the next version of Android soon.

Translated from Spanish – the tweet from Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez reads, “Prepare your Nexus One (Developer version) for Android OTA update 2.3 (Gingerbread) for the next few days :-D.”

We last expected Samsung’s Nexus phone to be the first device with Gingerbread, but we heard that Google has Android 2.3 builds for most of the stock Android phones (Droid 1, Nexus One, myTouch, etc.) and I wouldn’t be surprised if they went ahead and released it without waiting on Samsung.

Over the weekend I contacted Google to see if there were any Android-related press events this week and their response was that nothing is planned. Google normally holds some type of gathering to tout their new Android features, so either this is a silent launch or the above tweeter got a little anxious and spilled the beans early.

Phil Nickinson from Android Central also posted over the weekend that Adobe has scheduled an update to Flash Player 10.1 for November 9th to ensure it works with “future OS updates”. We recently found that Google Maps was also updated to work with Gingerbread, so clearly the actual release is looming.

What do you think Google will do? Will they wait on Samsung and the “Nexus Two” to launch Android 2.3? Or will they go ahead and push it out to existing devices this week?

Via: Android Police

Source: Twitter

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