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LG Star prototypes pose for the camera, show off new UI

A lucky fellow over at the Phandroid forums scored two prototypes of the upcoming LG Star and uploaded a few pics to show it off. The device hasn’t changed much since the first pics leaked two weeks ago, but this time we get to see some of the UI and the included HDMI port.

Just like the leaked Motorola Olympus, this Tegra 2 phone is also running Android 2.2. Originally we heard LG was going with a stock build of Android, but the new screens reveal a UI that looks a little like Samsung’s Touchwiz UI with HTC’s Sense UI widgets thrown in.

The tester includes a respectable Quadrant score of 1700+, but I’m not really confident in that benchmark anymore and I don’t believe that Android 2.2 is even optimized to take full advantage of the dual-core Tegra 2 processor. We have heard that Honeycomb was designed from the ground up for dual-core hardware, so we expect the performance of the LG star will get even better in the coming months.

No carrier partners have been announced, but early renders of the LG Star included Verizon branding and one of our sourced indicated that T-Mobile would pick it up. Sprint and many regional carriers also have a strong relationship with LG, so the Star could show up on a number of carriers.

Look for more information about the LG Star at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas on January 5th.

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Source: Phandroid

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