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Man behind the Dell Streak launch shown the door

The Dell Streak launch was a disaster. The Dell Aero was a flop. This week we learn that Dell’s mobile communications group is being rolled back into the broader company and the man in charge, Ron Garriques, is on his way out.

Reuters reports that Mr. Garriques was a high-profile addition to Dell when they hired him in early 2007 after he had previously led Motorola Inc’s mobile phone unit. One year ago he took over Dell’s newly formed communications solutions group to manage the companies smartphones and tablet devices, and we know how that turned out.

When he leaves Dell in early 2011, Garriques will receive a severance payment of $1.44 million and another $3.15 million under his consultancy agreement.

Dell has yet to impress me since they started producing Android phones, so maybe the reorganization of upper management will get them back on the right path. What do you think Dell needs to do in order to excite Android customers?

Source: Yahoo

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