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My first 24 hours with the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab

Nearly two months have passed since the last time I went hands on with the Galaxy Tab, but that was with the international model and yesterday we received Sprint’s version. Has Samsung addressed the concerns we had? Is this the Android tablet to get this Christmas? First impressions after the jump.

If you want an Android tablet this Christmas, then stop your search and go pre-order a Galaxy Tab right now. It is the best Android tablet available and nothing else even comes close.

However, if you are not quite sold and you can hold out a few months then I suggest waiting till January when we expect most manufacturers will unveil their dual-core tablets running Android 3.0. Samsung already confirmed they are working on a Honeycomb tablet so the Galaxy Tab will only be their flagship product for a couple months.

I really love the Samsung Galaxy Tab but I don’t think I’m ready to jump into the Android tablet waters until Google signals that it is safe. We have heard that Android 3.0 offers a completely overhauled experience and I’m excited about the exclusive games which are coming to the Tegra 2 platform.

Samsung has already stated that the Galaxy Tab will be updated to Android 2.3, but we are uncertain if it will receive Android 3.0. If that eventually happens, it might not occur till next Christmas. Over 3 million U.S. customers purchased a Samsung Galaxy S phone with the expectation they would get an update to Android 2.2, and months later they are still waiting.

It is impossible to review a new product in only one day, so we will be doing several in-depth videos each day this week. Today I will cover the packaging and do a quick walk-through of some of the Tab’s highlights. Check back later this week for a closer look at the browser, camera, and more.

Some of my Tab impressions in quick bullet form:

  • Performance is on par with the Samsung Galaxy S. Some games run a little slower because of the higher resolution.
  • The TouchWiz UI is the best tablet UI that I have seen yet. We love the homescreen options and most of the apps are optimized to work in landscape mode.
  • No GPS problems to report here. We drove around with the Tab and it does an excellent job of providing real-time navigation.
  • The U.S. version of the Tab doesn’t make phone calls, but you can still send text messages.
  • Qik caused the system to crash the first time I used it. The Tab completely locked up and I had to wait several minutes before it would power on. We eventually got Qik to work, but went with Tango.
  • Most apps and games work on the Tab with no issues. There are a few that do not scale properly, but most developers have started to update their apps.

Have more Galaxy Tab questions? Leave a comment and we will monitor this story as we keep posting new videos this week.

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