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Nexus S takes a trip to Cowboys Stadium, snaps some pics

Another week passes and we still don’t have a release date for the Nexus S, but there are still a lot of test units floating around in the wild. One month ago Google placed the huge Gingerbread man in front of their offices to signal Android 2.3 was finished, but then we heard the original Nexus S launch on November 11th was scrapped and we have been waiting patiently since.

This past weekend Google’s Director of Media & Platforms Solutions took a trip to Dallas to watch the Cowboys game and he took his Nexus S along for the ride. Mr. Saitz was kind enough to snap several pictures inside Cowboys Stadium and he uploaded them to his Picassa account. In addition to the pics he took with his Nexus, he also accidentally took some pics of his Nexus.

All the photos have since been removed but Engadget captured the photo of the Nexus S (above) and I saved one of the photos taken with it (below).

Taken with the Nexus S.

Taken with the Nexus S.

Right now I honestly have no idea when the Nexus S is coming to retail stores like Best Buy, but Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt did say to expect Android 2.3 in the next few weeks. We have heard that the launch of Android 2.3 and the Nexus S are tied together, so hopefully we see this superphone before Christmas.

If you want a random date to circle on your calendar, I heard November 29th might be a good one.

Via: Engadget

Source: Picasa

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