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One third of Android users would much rather have an iPhone?

Do one third of Android users really want to switch to the iPhone? That’s a headline I saw this weekend and it’s being reported over and over that a good portion of Android users secretly lust for Apple’s iOS.

It turns out the source of the survey is a website called MyPhoneDeals and they only sampled 524 respondents, so I wouldn’t put too much weight in the results but it did get me thinking. How many Android users are unhappy with their phones?

The latest Android Platform Versions report shows only about 36% of users are on the latest Android 2.2 while about 23% of users run outdated Android 1.x versions. It certainly makes a lot of sense that there are customers out there who are stuck with an outdated version of Android, so they might be experiencing some buyers’ remorse right about now.

If you have a bunch of friends with Android phones, what do they think about Google’s mobile OS? Do you think they are generally satisfied with Android or do they long for an iPhone or Windows Phone 7 device? If you are one of those people unhappy with their Android phones, what is your major complaint?

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Source: Macworld

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