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Samsung GPS problems? Please move to open sky and try again

The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the best selling Android phones, but some models have been haunted by GPS problems since they were first released back in July. Samsung finally issued a software update for some phones in September that claimed to fix the issue, but a small (?) number of customers are still having problems.

From everything I have gathered it sounds like this was a software issue, but I know some people who never got their GPS working and we recently saw Samsung swap out the GPS antennas on their upcoming Nexus S.

If you are one of the unlucky few with GPS problems, Samsung just released a new app to the Android Market called GpsRestore that is aimed at AT&T Captivate and T-Mobile Vibrant owners. The app restores the GPS config file values to their original settings, but based on the comments users have left on the Market it does not seem to be helping everyone.

Some users who hacked their phones and flashed custom Android 2.2 ROMs have reported an improvement in GPS performance, so hopefully this gets resolved whenever Samsung finally pushes that out to the U.S. carriers.

For those of you that are still having problems, I suggest heading over to xda-developers and reading the thread Why Samsung Galaxy S i9000 GPS is inaccurate and how to fix it. There is no guarantee this will fix your problems, but it doesn’t hurt to mess with your settings now that Samsung has released the GpsRestore app which returns them to the default.

Please leave a comment if you are still experiencing problems with the GPS on your Samsung Galaxy S phone. I’m curious how widespread this problem still is.

Update: Peter from CareAce uploaded a quick video that demonstrates the GPS probme and the GpsRestore app.

Source: Samsung

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