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Samsung Nexus S poses for the camera, still no release date

We were the first site to report on Samsung’s Google-experience phone and not a lot of people believed us at the time, but thanks to the guys at Engadget we finally have the picture proof everyone was waiting for.

A tipster from inside Google sent over a half-dozen pics of the upcoming Samsung phone, which has now been dubbed the Nexus S, and it appears that most of the details we previously reported are accurate. The device runs a pure version of Android 2.3, features a front-facing camera, and is likely headed to T-Mobile first (although it should eventually hit multiple carriers).

For complete rumored specs, please see our previous report.

Engadget is also reporting that the model number is GT-i9020, which is close to the GT-i9010 that we discovered a couple weeks back. From what our sources tell us, there appears to be two versions of this phone – one featuring stock Android 2.3 and one with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Phil from AndroidCentral has been using the name Samsung Elite, which could be the product name for the TouchWiz version but we will have to wait and see.

As of right now, we are still uncertain of the exact launch date. Originally Samsung was to unveil the Nexus S on November 8th and Best Buy would begin selling it on November 11th, but those plans were changed at the last minute due to some serious hardware issues. Google has yet to inform us of any Android-related press events to announce Android 2.3, so we could be waiting a couple more weeks before this phone is officially announced.

Now that pictures have leaked, I expect the floodgates of information will soon open up.

Source: Engadget

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