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T-Mobile Nexus S pre-order spotted on Best Buy’s site

The “Nexus Two” was supposed to be released today at Best Buy, but a last minute hardware issue delayed the launch and news about the secret phone has been slim this week. We have asked around trying to get more details on what type of issues testers were experiencing with the phone and the latest I heard was Samsung was working on “clearing a few operator issues”.

We still don’t ┬áhave an estimated release date, but my friend Quentyn from Phandroid spotted a pre-order listing for the “Nexus S” on Best Buy’s website. The device is described as “pure Google” and includes a broken image with the description “for T-Mobile”. The Nexus S name has been tossed around by testers and we already reported that T-Mobile was on-board for this phone so it appears someone flipped the switch a little early on Best Buy’s site.

Taking a closer look at T-Mobile, our other friends from TmoNews have discovered a big holiday event that was supposed to occur on November 20th. We don’t know what product launch the event was for, but stores were receiving special packages which included reservation cards for people waiting in line. T-Mobile employees are reporting the Nov. 20th event was cancelled, but some are also indicating that their stores are beefing up staff for Nov. 24th.

Whatever happens, yes the Samsung Nexus phone is still real and we are hoping for an announcement any time now. Every day that Samsung delays the launch, they risk losing a sale since more and more customers are waiting for the dual-core phones that are expected to be revealed on January 5th at CES.

Are you still waiting to purchase the Nexus S? How long can you hold out before you decide to move on to the next superphone coming out?

Update: The Best Buy page is now gone, but it was captured in a screen grab below.

Best Buy

Screen grab from

Via: Phandroid

Source: Best Buy

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