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The iDECT iHome Phone brings Android to your landline

While most of you are worried about which version of Android your cell phone is running, Binatone is looking to revolutionize your home phone.  The new iDECT iHome Phone is basically an Android powered cordless phone with a 2.8inch (320 x 240 pixels) resistive touch-screen.  The iDECT iHome isn’t going to impress any of your friends with Android cell phones, but it’ll definitely be a great replacement for your cordless phone on your home landline (if you still have one).

The iDECT iHome Phone will support most typical Android functionality (Internet browser, mp3 player, picture gallery, video/YouTube player, alarm clock, Internet radio, email, and more) but we’re sad to report that it will not have access to the Android Market.

Binatone has not disclosed which version of Android will be running on the iHome Phone and the official product images seem to conflict with what they show in the user manual.  Our guess is that it’s running Android 1.6.  If you’re OK with that, you can pick up the iDECT iHome Phone in Europe for about €99.

android_homephone_inline android_homephone_inline2

Via: Electonista

Source: Binatone

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