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Yes, the Samsung Nexus phone is still real and coming soon

The above image is a fake, but stories about Samsung’s Nexus phone are real.

As the site that first reported on the upcoming Samsung Google-experience phone, I have been asked to respond to this morning’s news that stories about the “Nexus Two” are simply not true.

The denial of the “Nexus Two” comes from the Korean site Danawa. It is entirely in Korean, so everyone is relying on rough translations of what was written. Here are two translations of the paragraph that sites are using as their source that the “Nexus Two” is fake.

Google translation: “Samsung Electronics, “is simply not true,” put out a position, but in the meantime, Google and Samsung is the industry Galaxy S, Galaxy boyeoon work closely enough at the tab with the possibility to launch Google phone is reported to be greater.”

Yahoo Babel Fish translation: “Samsung Electronics “entirely is not the fact and ” during that time the Google phone [chwul_si_hal] also the possibility is big together the cooperation relationship whose Google and Samsung are close from galaxy S and galaxy tap etc. seems from the industry which puts out the position which is as thinks.”

As you can see, both translations are pretty rough and neither is a flat out denial of the Google-experience phone. In fact the Google translation says the possibility of a second Google phone is reported to be greater. For all we know, the unnamed Samsung source could be disputing the “Nexus Two” name which we have already said is not the actual product name for Samsung’s Nexus phone.

The entire story just feels a little weird because companies normally do not respond to rumor and speculation surrounding products that have not been officially announced. Do you actually think Samsung would confirm their secret phone right before they announce it? This almost reminds me of how a Sony representative said the PlayStation Phone pics were fake and later had to retract their statement.

However you want to spin it, Samsung is working on a Google-experience phone and it will be part of the Nexus family. I wouldn’t be reporting on this story unless I had a good sense that we were bringing you fact, and not fiction.

I think the real story here is that Google is reviving their Nexus brand. Just because they decided to work with Samsung on the next phone, that does not rule out the possibility that HTC or Motorola could also produce another Nexus branded device in the future. So in theory, you might actually be able to purchase a real product named the “Nexus Two” that was made by HTC.

In closing, Samsung’s product will not be called the “Nexus Two”, but it will be part of the Nexus family and be sold unlocked, direct to consumers.

p.s. If someone out there speaks Korean, feel free to offer up a better translation.

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Source: Danawa

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