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Some Samsung Galaxy S phones will not see Android 2.2 till 2011

Do you think Samsung can pull off a successful roll-out of Android 2.2 in a timely manner?

That was the question I asked back in July when Samsung announced the Galaxy S series of phones in New York and told us that providing the Android 2.2 update was a priority. At first we expected Samsung would deliver the update in September, but here we are in mid-November and still nothing.

A lot of us are excited about the pending release of Android 2.3, but the reality is that only 36% of us are lucky enough to run Android 2.2 while the majority are still on the older Android 2.1. Over three million of those stuck on Android 2.1 are customers in the U.S. who purchased the Galaxy S.

We still don’t have any official release dates for the software update on U.S. carriers, but Samsung Mobile Canada just told their customers via Facebook that some models like the Captivate and Vibrant would see Android 2.2 in mid-December and others with the Fascinate would see it in early 2011.

I’m sure that Samsung Mobile US is fully aware many people are eagerly waiting for the software update (per all the angry comments on their Facebook page), but they still have been mysteriously quiet about providing any kind of timeline for the roll-out.

Some have speculated that Samsung might skip Android 2.2 altogether and go straight to Android 2.3 on the Galaxy S, but I have seen no evidence to support this. It might go a long way in upgrading their reputation when it comes to software updates, but I’m having a hard time believing that will actually happen.

If you are one of the 3 million plus in the U.S. with a Galaxy S, how do you think Samsung has handled the roll-out of Android 2.2? Do you mind waiting till 2011?

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