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Gingerbread headed to Verizon Android phones within the coming months

Google’s Gingerbread update (Android 2.3) is generating a lot of buzz and Verizon just released an internal memo to their employee which details the pending software release. Verizon says that Google is in the process of releasing the Gingerbread source code and they are working together to determine which devices will receive the update.

Based on previous comments from several Googlers, it sounds like Gingerbread will be easier to integrate than previous Android updates. Android engineer, Brian Swetland, recently said, “Any device that runs well with Froyo should run even better with Gingerbread. The base hardware requirements have not changed. Of course OEM updates do depend on individual OEM efforts, and I can’t speak for the OEMs, but there’s no technical reason devices able to run Froyo shouldn’t be upgradeable. I think the Froyo->Gingerbread migration should be less painful for device developers than Cupcake->Donut or Eclair->Froyo.”

Verizon has the most phones already on Android 2.2 and they have been pretty good with software updates on their Droid family of devices, so I expect that most of their current handsets will be updated. Based on recent history, I predict that Verizon will begin to update some phones to Android 2.3 as soon as February.

How soon do you think Verizon can push out an Android 2.3 update? Which device do you think will receive it first? Will it be the original Droid or a newer phone like the Droid X?

Verizon Gingerbread

Verizon's internal memo about Gingerbread updates.

Source: Droid Life

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