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3 reasons I just gave Gameloft my $15

Gameloft has the best lineup of 3D games for Android, but most people don’t know it because they have decided not to sell them in the official Android Market. Instead users must purchase them from the Gameloft Store, which has been a major pain in the past.

Every Friday I send tweets to @Gameloft to let them know how much we love their games, in hopes they will produce more titles for Android. Recently there had been a lull in new releases, so I was surprised today when I found out that three new games were available since I last checked. Recent additions include Brother in Arms 2, Fishing Kings, and Lets Golf! 2.

The last time I tried to buy Avatar from Gameloft, I wasted so much time and got so frustrated that I just gave up. The same thing happened last week when Gameloft was offering Dungeon Hunter for free. Either my purchase would not go through or the game was not available for my phone (T-Mobile G2).

I didn’t expect any of these new games would work, but I was shocked when I was able to purchase all three ($4.99 per title) and they actually installed on the first try. I still have major gripes with their online store (three of my previous purchases are no longer available for download and I’m not buying them again), but these new games are awesome and I think the $5 is worth it as long as your phone is supported.

Check out the highlights from these three new Gameloft games that I will be playing all weekend. I have no idea which phones support which games, but the easiest way to download Gameloft games is to access their Android site directly from your phone browser. A Gameloft account and credit card is required to purchase each game.

Hopefully the recent updates to the Android Market will encourage Gameloft to bring more of these title over to the official Google store, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Brother in Arms 2

Highlights include:

  • Battle across 5 locations: Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany, Sicily.
  • Challenge up to 5 friends on five multiplayer maps.
  • Pilot 3 vehicles including the tank, off-road vehicle or glider, or gun down enemies from the vehicle or tank turret
  • A wide range of realistic weapons: machine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles, flamethrowers and more.
  • Compelling cinematic moments with more interaction between you and your squad members
  • Stunning graphics and authentic settings inspired by real life battlefields from WWII.

Modern Combat 2 was my favorite Gameloft game so far and Brother in Arms 2 brings back all that great first person shooter action I’ve been craving. The graphics look great compared with the current crop of top games and Gameloft has made the controls work well on the small screen. There are tons of weapons to choose from, cut scenes with voice-overs, multiple vehicles to drive, and you can even play multiplayer matches with five of your friends.

Fishing Kings

Highlights include:

  • 15 beautiful 3D fishing spots from around the world, including saltwater fishing in the Bahamas.
  • Catch over 30 species of fish depending on your location, including bass, piranha and marlin
  • The underwater camera puts you in the heart of the action as you struggle to reel in the big one!
  • Gameplay provides a true-to-life fishing experience with plenty of real fishing options and tactics
  • Open up your tackle box to access a wide range of gear to catch the right fish in the right location
  • Unlock achievements in your Gameloft LIVE! profile, show off your best scores on the dedicated website and vie for the title of Best Fisher

If you were a fan of Glu Mobile’s Deer Hunter 3D, then Fishing Kings is a must buy game. This is easily the best fishing game I have played for Android or any mobile device. The game starts you off slowing and teaches you how to catch fish, then gradually increases the difficulty level with new challenges that require you to fish in different spots and target new fish with the lures you unlock. Again the graphics are some of the best that Android has to offer and there is a ton of replay value with over 30 types of fish to catch.

Let’s Golf! 2

Highlights include:

  • Select from 8 fun 3D characters that you can customize with unlocked caps, clothes and golf balls.
  • Watch your character gain experience with each game & unleash special powers like rewinding time.
  • Play 108 holes in 6 far-out spots like an Aztec Jungle, a winter wonderland in Greenland & a wild African Safari.
  • See how you rate against the world with the online leaderboard, or challenge friends in multiplayer.
  • Take on the new Career mode or just have fun with a variety of new challenges.
  • Connect to Gameloft LIVE! and unlock various achievements for being the best on the course.

Let’s Golf! 2 is one of the first sequels that Gameloft has done on Android, so hopefully this is a sign of more to come (N.O.V.A. 2 please?!). Create your own custom character, golf on over 108 holes across 6 courses, and face off against your friends in multiplayer mode. This is the best golf game I’ve ever played on Android and the controls are easy enough that I think non-golf fans will also find it enjoyable.

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