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Gameloft launches 10 new HD games, offers Hero of Sparta for free

Most of our readers know how we feel about Gameloft by now. They make awesome 3D games for Android, but their online store has had some issues and we have a hard time recommending it to anyone.

Gameloft fixed their billing errors, but we still have one major complaint about their online store. Whenever you purchase a game from Gameloft, you are only allowed to install it on the device you bought it with. Gameloft will allow you to re-download the game if you wipe your phone, change your phone number, or even switch carriers, but you can not move your purchases from an old device to a new one.

For example, I just got a Nexus S this week. I know that the 9 Gameloft games I previously purchased will work on the phone because I’ve played them on a Galaxy S device, but now I have to buy them again if I want to play them. On Google’s Android Market, you can re-download paid apps as many times as you want to any device you own as long as you are signed in with your Google account.

Today Gameloft put up a new video to announce 10 new HD games for Android. New games coming in December include Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Let’s Golf 2, Gangstar Miami Vindication, Shrek Kart Racing, Real Soccer 2011, Brother in Arms 2, Spiderman Total Mayhem, Fishing Kings, Oregon Trail, and GT Racing. I’ve already purchased 3 of these games, but I can’t play them anymore since I moved on to a new device.

In order to promote the new games, Gameloft is now offering Hero of Sparta for free. If you have a problem with buying Gameloft games, at least check out this free download and let us know what you think. Unlike recent freebies, this is actually the full version of the game and not a demo.

The easiest way to download Hero of Sparta is to visit directly from your phone.

The Nexus S is not officially supported right now, but I was able to trick Gameloft’s store by telling it I was using an Epic 4G and I got Hero of Sparta installed.

So like we always say, Gameloft has the best 3D games for Android that money can buy, but just remember that your purchase is limited to the device you buy it with.

Source: Gameloft

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