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Madden 2011 coming to Android via Droid X software update

Football fans can now rejoice thanks to the news that EA Mobile is bringing Madden NFL 11 to Android. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to purchase the game because it looks like it will be an exclusive for the Droid X and be included in the next software update from Verizon.

EA Mobile has ported some of their other big franchises like Need for Speed to Android, but they have followed the Gameloft strategy and avoided the official Android Market in order to sign exclusive deals with the carriers and handset makers.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from EA Mobile. We would like to see more of their games on Android and hopefully be able to purchase them in the official Market one day. A quick visit to EA Mobile’s site still list the G1 as the only supported Android phone, so clearly they have their work cut out for them.

We don’t know for sure when this new OTA update will hit the Droid X, so keep your eyes on Verizon’s support site for more details.

From EA Mobile: NEVER SEEN AN NFL GAME LIKE THIS. With stunning graphics that set a whole new visual standard, MADDEN NFL 11 delivers the most authentic NFL experience ever made for the App Store. Change the game on defense with Total Defensive Control. TDC. Get into quicker offensive rhythm with GameFlow. And receive an unprecedented level of graphic quality that will pull you into the action on a whole new level. Are you ready for MADDEN NFL 11?

Via: Droid Life

Source: Verizon Support

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