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#TeamAndroid challenge, play Jet Car Stunts and win a free Android shirt

Jet Car Stunts from True Axis is my new favorite Android game. Just ask Clark how much I played it during the Christmas break. The title was first released on the iPhone over a year ago where it enjoyed a lot of success and I thought it would be wildly popular on Android too, but only 500 people have downloaded it as of this post.

In the game you control a half-car and half-jet vehicle which you race around some insane, upside-down tracks. There are 11 time trial levels, but the real fun comes from the 25 platforming levels. Using your jet engine and air-breaks, the goal of the game is to get your car from the start point to the finish line. It starts off super easy and then gradually ups the difficulty level as you progress through the game.

The absolute coolest feature of the game is the global leaderboards powered by Open Feint. Once you complete a track, your ghost run is uploaded to the Open Feint leaderboard and then you can challenge your friends to beat your fastest time. Most tracks can be completed in less than a minute, but you will be playing this game for hours if you start racing for the fastest times.

Since only 500 people have discovered this game so far, I thought we would issue a quick #TeamAndroid challenge to help promote the game. All you have to do is download the game and beat one of my high scores to win a free TeamAndroid shirt.

How to enter the #TeamAndroid challenge:

  1. Download Jet Car Stunts from the Android Market ($1.99)
  2. Add androidandme to your Open Feint friends list
  3. Unlock the Intermediate C course on Platforming mode and finish the course
  4. Leave a comment with your Open Feint name so we can email you

The prizes

Win a limited edition charcoal gray Team Android shirt!

This contest is only open to Android users. We will pick the fastest 3 times (from our Open Feint friends) on the Platforming course Intermediate C and mail them a #TeamAndroid shirt in the size of their choice.

Update:  The winners for fastest 3 times are goncalossilva, cyanslowly, and Friedgoldmole. Colbyb25 gets a shirt for being one of the first to beat my time and Jrizk07 gets one for effort. Thanks for playing!

Source: True Axis

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