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Andy Rubin demos Honeycomb running on a dual-core Motorola tablet – Update: Video

Andy Rubin hit the stage at the All Things D: Dive into Mobile Conference tonight and has taken the wraps off of Honeycomb before the Gingerbread even had a chance to cool off.

About 45 minutes into the interview, Rubin pulled what looks to be an approximately 9-10 inch Motorola tablet (the Stingray?) from his bag and proceeded to provide a brief glimpse of Honeycomb which he said we can expect “sometime next year.” Few specs were given for the tablet itself, other than the presence of a front facing camera for video chat and a dual-core 3D NVIDIA processor. It also appears to have dropped the search button from the standard 4 button configuration with just back, home and menu buttons in the lower left corner of the device and even those have gone on screen to allow them to rotate with the device.

The home screen looks like it has received some much needed tweaking to take advantage of the additional screen real estate afforded by the tablet, but with that said it still has the icons, widgets and tools that we have come to know and love so I don’t think we are looking at a wild break from the familiar there.

We didn’t see too many apps, but Gmail received a pane view which allows you to sort through your mail on the left while viewing on the right as we have seen with other tablets. It’s a simple thing, but these are the touches that are necessary to give Android the ammunition it needs in the tablet market.

That’s it for now you can check out a few of the images in the gallery below or hit the source link for Engadget’s live blog of the event, clearly Rubin just wanted to whet everyone’s appetite for Honeycomb and we should be getting more info when CES rolls around in a month.

If you were able to give Rubin feedback what advice would you have for him on what they need to achieve with Honeycomb?

Kara Swisher holding Motorola Tablet running Honeycomb Andy Rubin vertical view of Motorola tablet running honeycomb Andy Rubin holding Motorola Tablet running Honeycomb horizontally Lockscreen on Motorola tablet running Honeycomb Homescreen on Motorola tablet running honeycomb Gmail app on Motorola tablet running Honeycomb

Via: All Things D

Source: Engadget

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