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Best Buy releases list of stores offering the Nexus S on contract with T-Mobile

So we already know that every Best Buy location will be selling the Nexus S on December 16th at 8 AM, but an anonymous tipster has informed us that some locations may only get 4 units on launch day. It appears that Best Buy locations which normally sell T-Mobile phones could have upwards of 75 units, but the remaining stores might have limited quantities and it’s first-come-first-serve so you might want to show up early.

So which Best Buy locations sell T-Mobile phones? There are over 220 stores where you can purchase the Nexus S on contract with T-Mobile and Best Buy just released a convenient list of every single one (.pdf).

Thankfully my city is on the list and I’ll be there at 8 AM come Thursday morning. Is anyone else going to wait in line to pick up the Nexus S on launch day or do you think there will be no lines?

Via: Twitter

Source: Best Buy Mobile (pdf)

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