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Dual giveaway Friday – 3M Natural View Screen Protectors and Energizer XP2000 Power Packs

We’re back with another day or random freebies and I was going to build an intro around the fact that I’m running out of things to say when I realized I’ve done that already. So now the intro centers around the fact that I’ve now started so many random contests that I’m at a loss for words. So congratulate yourselves. Then enter this new contest:

Entry Form –

First up, we’ve got a set of FIVE screen protectors from 3M. The 3M Natural View Screen Protector is a fairly new product but scores some major points for quality. The packaging, the instructions, the product itself- all top notch (which is extremely important when the product is a thin sheet of plastic). We’ve got a couple to give out, courtesy of 3M, and they come in a variety of sizes. We’ve got two for the Droid Incredible, one for the original Droid, one for the Droid 2, and one universal cut-to-fit protector (5 total).

Next, we’re tossing in a set of four Energizer XP2000 Power Packs. The XP2000 is a battery backup that can charge or extend the life of your device in a power pinch. Taylor has personally used his XP2000 for a while now, and since he gives it the Taylor Seal of Approval we figured we should give some away. Check out the video below for all the Energizer product details:

Wrapping up

We’ve got a number of prizes in different sizes today, so we’re using an entry form to collect names and which prizes you’d prefer. You don’t have to comment or tweet (although you can if you’d like, we enjoy hearing from you guys), just fill out the form below:

Entry Form –

We’ll announce the winners tomorrow! Thanks for playing…

But wait, there’s more!

Can’t have a giveaway post without mentioning the Android Gift Guide! It’s currently in full swing and you can WIN ANY PHONE YOU WANT just by tweeting while browsing the gift guide. Don’t miss it. Read the guide! Get the gifts! Score a free phone! Sorry for the shouting!

Update: We’re a bit late with the announcement, but we’ve picked our winners! The following people just scored a prize: Mike K, Thomas G, Joe V, Magnus K, Adrien H, Kendall E, Joshua F, Steve P, Andrew M. Congratulations guys!

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