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Engadget fondles the dual-core LG Star

We’ve already seen pictures and video of the upcoming LG Star, but Engadget now has a full preview of the dual-core phone thanks to a very generous tipster (*cough* controlled leak). Most of the specs have been revealed at this point, so Vlad Savov spent most of his time running benchmarks to see how the Tegra 2 processor performed.

Overall the benchmark scores are fairly impressive, but you have to remember this is a prototype unit that is running a non-final firmware. As someone who’s run a ton of Android benchmarks, I can say that most are basically pointless, but it’s still nice to see how the LG Star matches up. Some of our readers have been worried about the GeForce GPU found inside the Tegra 2, but I can confidently say it will crush the current competition (PowerVR SGX540).

The test unit provided to Engadget is running Android 2.2.1 and they think it will ship with Android 2.3, but I wouldn’t be so sure of that yet. Google has yet to release the source code for Gingerbread, so if this is phone is launching in January like was rumored then there is simply not enough time to get it working. Either this phone gets delayed till March so LG can update it to Android 2.3, or it will ship soon with Android 2.2

Engadget thinks the LG Star will be “one of next year’s highlight devices” and I tend to agree with them. Many were disappointed by the unicore Nexus S, but I have a strong feeling that Tegra 2 phones will impress the masses with their enhanced performance and premium games.

What do you think about LG’s first high-end Android phone?

Source: Engadget

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