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Hands on the new Android Market

The new Android Maket (version 2.2.6) that was announced last night is scheduled to roll out over the next few weeks, but thanks to the boys at xda-developers you can check it out early. We hate waiting for updates, so I went ahead and grabbed the apk file to install on my T-Mobile G2 and preview the new features. Check out the hands-on video after the jump.

Overall I’m really impressed with the new user interface and I’m excited for the other features we know are coming soon. Hopefully in the next several weeks we should see the browser-based Market, PayPal payments, and the YouTube video previews. They sure spent their sweet time with it, but at least Android finally has an app store that is competitive with the rest.

What other features do you hope Google adds to the Android Market over the coming months?

Via: Android Police

Source: xda-developers

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