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HTC begins hiring to launch their own smartphone app store in the U.S.

Last month the Financial Times reported that HTC was planning to open their own app store and recent job postings on the company’s web site seem to confirm that it could happen sooner rather than later. The initial report said that HTC’s app store team would include a small number of staff based in Taiwan, but HTC has now several job openings on their U.S. site which are targeted at e-commerce.

New job listings include Sr. Specialist for Content Management System, Senior E-Commerce Manager, and Online Merchandising Manager. Several of these jobs first appeared on HTC’s carreer page early this month, but it looks like HTC is still trying to fill the positions since they have been adding them to popular job sites like CareerBuilder.

Reading through some of the job descriptions, it sure sounds like HTC is hiring to launch their own app store. Some of the requirements and suggested professional knowledge include “smartphone apps store management”, “solid understanding of online store development and operation process”, driving traffic such as “trials, subscriptions, and downloads” to meet company’s goals, and “in-depth understanding of new web applications and how application integration to smartphone is done”.

People with knowledge of the situation said HTC’s store would sell e-books and applications, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it sell smartphones and accessories, like they already do on their website.

We have already seen carriers and other hardware manufacturers launch their own app stores, so expect this trend to continue. I imagine over the coming years that every carrier and every handset maker will launch their own app store. This means that the next Android phone you purchase could potentially have three different app stores, but more choice is better, right?

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Via: Financial Times

Source: HTC

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