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HTC confirms Gingerbread rollout coming to “some phones”

Now that Google has officially unveiled Gingerbread, you’re probably wondering when or even if your current Android phone will be updated to Android 2.3.  HTC appears to be the only manufacturer so far to mention their update strategy, even if their statement is a bit vague: “We are excited about the OS update coming for Android, and while HTC will definitely have some phones running this OS, we do not have a specific timeframe for new phones or updates at this time. Please stay tuned for more details.”

Since Google’s requirements for android 2.3 are the same for android 2.2, it’s pretty safe to assume that the majority of HTC’s phones that have received the Android 2.2 update should be seeing Android 2.3 as well. We’ll most likely see Android 2.3 hit the latest HTC phones (myTouch 4G, T-Mobile G2, Desire HD, and Desire Z) first in order to keep their newest customers happy, though updates for the HTC Desire, DROID Incredible, and EVO 4G shouldn’t be too far behind.

HTC’s update schedule is anyone’s guess at this point, but don’t expect to see any ROM update until late January of early February of 2011.  Keep in mind that service providers have a lot of control over when Android updates are rolled out.  Historically, HTC has the best reputation among Android manufacturers when it comes to rolling out the latest update.  Let’s hope HTC can live up to those expectations with their Android 2.3 updates.

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Source: TechRadar

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