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LG “B” images faked, but super slim and super bright phone is coming to CES

Let me get this out of the way first. I’m not saying Rob Jackson of Phandroid faked the images of the LG “B” phone he posted this week, but the folks from LG that sent him the pics did.

LG is working on a new Android phone that has an IPS LCD display similar to the iPhone 4. This new phone will not be announced till next month at CES, but LG wanted to create some online buzz so they leaked some images to Phandroid. As BriefMobile points out, the images are a poor Photoshop job, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a company edited images of a new product before leaking them to the press.

Some of you might have picked up on this, but most of the leaks you read on tech blogs are controlled by the companies trying to create buzz for their new products. LG is excited to bring an IPS LCD display to Android, so they snapped some pics of their new phone to show it off. I guess they didn’t achieve the level of brightness on their IPS display that they wanted, so someone edited the pics to make them look better.

The pics don’t really matter though because the important thing with this leak is the display technology.

B = LG B, S = Galaxy S, R = iPhone 4

LG claims their new IPS LCD offers 700 nits of brightness, a 230 percent improvement over the best Android display, Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology. The iPhone 4 IPS display was actually manufactured by LG, so this new technology is an improvement over the original.

No details are provided on the resolution, but the IPS display on the iPhone 4 runs at 960×640. I’ll spare you all the other marketing speak, but check out Apple’s site for more info on their retina display.

The LG "B" is said to be thinner than the iPhone 4 (9.4mm).

The leaked pictures also compared the LG B to the iPhone 4 to demonstrate how slim it is. We don’t have the exact measurements but the LG B looks thinner than the iPhone 4, which measures in at only 9.4 mm.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer to get the full scoop on this new phone and IPS display. LG has a big media party scheduled on the night of January 5th and they have been tweeting that “seein is believin” when it comes to the super bright and super slim “LG B”.

We also know LG will be showing off the Optimus 2X next month, so I’m excited to see how these two devices compare. For all we know, the “LB B” might actually be the Optimus 2X with a new display for the U.S. market. Check back in a couple of weeks for the full details.

This tweet was deleted, but LG has said multiple times the phone will be shown at CES next month.

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Source: Phandroid

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