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Motorola teases CES event, “Ready to skip a generation?”

Yesterday Motorola released a teaser video for their upcoming Honeycomb tablet and today the company placed a big countdown timer on the front of their web site. The page simply asks “Ready to skip a generation?” and it’s counting down to Motorola’s CES media event on January 5th.

The next generation of devices that Motorola is referring to is their family of upcoming Tegra 2 products. We know they will likely show off the Everest (tablet for Verizon), Etna (smartphone for Verizon), and the Olympus (smartphone for AT&T). Our inside sources have told us that Motorola’s Tegra 2 phone is coming to multiple carriers, so there is the chance we could also see a couple of surprise devices for Sprint and T-Mobile.

At Motorola’s last media event they launched seven devices, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar number at CES. We will be live from CES in a couple weeks and we already RSVP’d for Motorola’s event, so check back in a couple weeks for the full announcement.

Source: @MotoMobile

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