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Nexus One update to Android 2.3 still happening in the coming weeks

Several of us expected the Nexus One would receive an update to Android 2.3 by now, but Google is still working on the latest release and just tweeted that it should be available “in the coming weeks”. If you are really impatient several cooked Gingerbread ROMS are available, but most are half-baked and still missing some features.

Some have speculated that Samsung had some kind of exclusive window on the release of Android 2.3 with the Nexus S, but it sounds like Google just needs the extra time to properly test it on the Nexus One to make sure it is a quality release. I’ve been using the Nexus S for almost a week now and I have experienced several force close errors with some of the native apps, so there are definitely some bugs left that the Android team needs to squash.

If you have a Nexus One, all you can do right now is hang tight and wait for the official release. When you consider most Galaxy S owners have been waiting over 6 months for an Android 2.2 update, a couple more weeks doesn’t sound that bad.

Source: @googlenexus

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