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Peter Chou says HTC working on LTE devices for next year

HTC CEO Peter Chou has confirmed that his company is working on LTE devices for next year, which should appear on U.S. mobile operators first. No specific carriers or devices were named, but Verizon is announcing their first 4G LTE handsets in a couple of weeks at CES and some are expected to be in stores by February.

Two handsets that have already been leaked and rumored to support 4G LTE are the HTC Merge (Desire Z) and HTC Mecha (Desire HD). Both of these phones were initially expected to launch in time for the Christmas holiday, but rumors suggest they were pushed back after Verizon requested that HTC upgrade them to support LTE.

Several other Android sites have interpreted Peter Chou’s comments to suggest that LTE phones are not coming to the second-half of 2011, but if you go watch the interview (registration required) it sounds like he was referring to other markets. Mr. Chou said that he thinks U.S. mobile operators will take the lead in pushing 4G LTE and the rest of the world will follow later.

Verizon Wireless is holding their CES press conference on January 6th, so we won’t have to wait much longer to see what phones get announced. I think Motorola is most likely the first handset maker with a 4G LTE phone (Motorola Etna), but I wouldn’t be surprised to see something else from HTC, LG, or Samsung.

Which 4G LTE phones do you think Verizon will reveal next month?

We are working on an LTE device for next year 2011. We think the U.S. mobile operators will be taking some leading and pushing the LTE 4G in the U.S. market. However we are seeing the rest of the world deploying LTE network as well in 2011, could be second-half of 2011.Peter ChouHTC CEO

Source: Mobile Business Briefing

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