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Poll: Will you vote for Google’s Nexus S with your wallet?

Google announced their flagship Nexus S phone just 24 hours ago and now that we have all had a night to sleep on it I’m curious how many people out there have decided that they want to buy it.

A good portion of Nexus One owners were disappointed at what the Nexus S lacks, but you can still make a case that it will be the best phone on the market when it goes on sale at Best Buy on December 16th. It will be the first device to feature Android 2.3 and being part of the Nexus family means that users will always have the latest software updates in a timely manner (example: Nexus One to get 2.3 in the next few weeks).

The biggest complaints so far about the Nexus S have been the lack of a dual-core processor, no 4G support, no expandable storage, no LED notification light, and it’s only available for T-Mobile in the United States. Some of those features may seem trivial, but a good portion of our readers have indicated they want 4G support and a dual-core processor in their next superphone.

So the choice is pretty simple – do you want a phone with the latest software or the latest hardware? Google would argue that the Nexus S has both, but we all know that its hardware will feel slightly dated after LG and Motorola announce their dual-core phones in a matter of weeks (Jan. 5th at CES).

As for me, I will be in line at Best Buy on day one to pick up the Nexus S – but that’s my job to check it out. It looks like it will be an awesome phone, but I doubt I’m ready to give up the 4G speeds and QWERTY keyboard on my T-Mobile G2. Believe it or not, I think the next upcoming phone I’m most excited for is the LG Star.

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