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Will Google actually advertise their Nexus S on TV?

The Nexus One was one of the best Android phones released in 2010, but when it comes to overall sales it was a complete flop. You can argue about Google’s intentions for producing another Nexus phone, but it sounds like Google learned from their mistakes and that is why they partnered with Best Buy to sell the Nexus S in stores and they are letting Samsung handle the customer support.

Another area the Nexus One was lacking in was advertising. We saw a few Adsense ads when the phone first launched, but most of the non-geek crowd still has no idea what the Nexus One actually was.

Google doesn’t traditionally advertise of TV, but they did have a Super Bowl spot last year and we just found a 30-second spot that was uploaded to the official Nexus YouTube account. It certainly looks like it could be a commercial, but we will have to wait and see how Google decides to use it. Right now the video is titled “MTZ03 Conform 008 ANIM” which tells us someone might still be working on it.

Check out the 30-second clip and let us know what you think. Would this make a good TV commercial for the Nexus S?

Source: YouTube

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