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Yes, every Best Buy location will sell the Nexus S on December 16th at 8 AM

Most of us have known for a week now that Best Buy will be selling the Nexus S on December 16th, but many Best Buy employees are still receiving this information. It sounds like a whole lot of you were calling up your local store to ask more questions because Best Buy posted an online FAQ to answer all your launch day questions. Even that document caused confusion because of the way it was initially worded, but Best Buy is continuing to post new information about their exclusive Android launch.

Today Best Buy issued another statement to let customers know that all Best Buy stores and Best Buy Mobile stand-alone locations will be selling the Nexus S. Despite what your local store might say, this includes every location including those that do not regularly carry T-Mobile devices.

The important thing to note is that if your store does not regularly carry T-Mobile phones and you want to purchase one on contract for $199, you will not be walking out of the store with a device. Instead you will have to place your order online and then have the Nexus S delivered to your home. However, if you want to buy it off contract for $529 then it will of course go home with you on launch day.

There are currently 210 Best Buy stores in the USA that carry T-Mobile service and they are building a page for easy reference. If your local store regularly sells T-Mobile phones then you can still purchase one on contract for $199 and leave the store with it working.

If you want to see if you are eligible for an upgrade, make sure you check out the Best Buy Mobile Upgrade Checker. For those that have even more questions, Best Buy even setup a dedicated Nexus S help line (1-866-813-2021).

We still don’t know what the inventory levels will be like, but one Best Buy employee at one of their biggest locations said his store was getting 75 units. It doesn’t look like this phone is getting a big marketing push before the launch (and it’s only on T-Mobile 3G) so it doesn’t sound like you will have that big a problem getting one at launch.

All Best Buy stores open at 8 AM for the holidays, so just show up on time and you should guarantee yourself a Nexus S. I’ll be in line this Thursday at my local store, so I’ll report back on how the launch went. We will also setup a page so everyone else can share their purchasing experience.

Here are some important details for the launch of Nexus S:

  • Timing: Online sales of Nexus S begin at 8 a.m. Eastern time to coincide with the opening of Best Buy stores on the East Coast. As a reminder, all Best Buy stores have adjusted their holiday hours to open at 8 a.m.
  • Availability: Nexus S is available in all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile specialty stores. Exact inventory will vary by store. Nexus S will be sold out on a first-come, first-serve basis with a limit of 2 per phones customer.
  • Demo phones: All Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores will have a Nexus S demo phone on-hand so customers can see and experience the phone.
  • Pricing: The Nexus S is an unlocked phone and can be purchased without contract for $529. The Nexus S can also be purchased for $199 with a TMobile two-year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan. Nexus S can also be purchased for $249.99 for add-a-line activations.

T-Mobile’s statement on the Nexus S availabilityEvery store will have unlocked Nexus S phones available for same-day take-home purchase. At stores that do not regularly carry T-Mobile devices, customers purchasing phones activated on T-Mobile with a contract will be required to place an order in store and have the Nexus S delivered to their homes. A list of stores that normally carry T-Mobile devices will be available shortly.

Source: Best Buy

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