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Five applications that would make my life easier in 2011

Happy 2011, Android and Me readers!  With every new year comes the opportunity to make your life better. Every year around this time, millions of people resolve to lose weight, get more organized, or buy something that will make them happy. With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you the applications I’d like to see hit the Android platform in 2011 that would enhance my Android experience.

Please note, these are my personal choices for the top 5 applications that I would like to see in 2011, and my list will likely not match your list. That being said, I encourage each and every one of you who reads this article to think about what applications would make your life easier or better, and share that with us in the comments below.

Without any further ado, what follows are the five applications that I want to see on my Android phone in 2011.


The one killer application that would make my Android experience complete is Netflix. Netflix is by far my most used internet service, and I’m a little miffed that both iOS and Windows Phone 7 have had a native Netflix application for months, and the Android app is still nowhere to be found. In fact, the lack of Netflix on Google’s CR-48 notebook is the only reason I have not used this laptop exclusively in the past few weeks.

We know that Netflix is already in the works, and my #1 wish for 2011 is that a release actually sees the light of day.


Hulu is another service mysteriously missing from Android, though one that cannot be found on any mobile platform today. The introduction of Flash 10 onto Android was supposed to have paved the way for Hulu to bring streaming video to Android, but that has yet to come. Also missing are details of a possible Hulu launch, namely whether a Hulu Plus subscription will be a requirement.

Google Docs

Yes, yes, I know that Android users can now access and edit their Google Documents at any time using the Android browser, but as someone who uses Google Docs on a regular basis, having a dedicated, standalone application for Docs with a better user interface and more features would really enhance the Android experience.

Rage HD

With the development of Tegra 2 phones, 2011 will certainly bring awesome games to the Android platform. One of the games I am personally excited about is Rage HD, a first person shooter game from the fine folks at id software who were behind the Doom and Quake games. Rage HD is based on the Quake engine that is being ported over to Android and should be available sometime in 2011. As a gamer at heart, having a full-featured, awesome-looking FPS on my phone would be a dream come true.

A Fully-Featured LinkedIn Application

It’s no secret that many people from my generation (Gen-Y, baby!) are always looking for the next greatest job out there. LinkedIn is a great networking tool for job-seekers that can be what actually lands you your next job (or at least get you an interview). Though a beta application was leaked a few weeks ago, it left much to be desired and is clearly not ready for everyday use. As someone who uses LinkedIn on a fairly regular basis, having a fully-featured LinkedIn application would be ideal for any current and future career search endeavors.


Love it or hate it, these are the five applications that would make my life either easier or better (or both) in 2011. As I stated at the opening of the article, this is one opinion on the matter, and we would LOVE to hear what applications are on your must-have list. Please share with us and our readers in the comments below.

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