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Qualcomm says Snapdragon phones will be the first with Netflix app

One of the Android application questions I get asked the most is, “When is Netflix coming to Android phones?” In my meeting with Qualcomm at CES, they actually provided an answer.

A representative of Qualcomm told me, “We have been working with Netflix to bring their service for the first time to Android phones. Because of our ability to have very sophisticated SecureMSM and all kinds of layers of security we have been able to get Netflix approval. We meet all of the very stringent security requirements of the studios and we have been working with an OEM to have Netflix come pre-loaded.”

Greg Peters of Netflix said in a blog post last year that security concerns had caused them to delay a Netflix app for Android. “The hurdle has been the lack of a generic and complete platform security and content protection mechanism available for Android.”

We just learned today that Android 3.0 added a pluggable DRM framework that lets applications manage protected content so hopefully this will enable Netflix to become available on all devices in the future.

We still don’t know which handset will come pre-loaded with Netflix, but I guarantee you it will be made by HTC since Qualcomm is heavily invested in them. Expect more details to drop during MWC next month.

Update: I completely forgot that Netflix was spotted on the Verizon LG Revolution at CES. That device features a Snapdragon processor (MSM8x55) so I was right about Qualcomm, but wrong about the first phone being HTC.

Via: Netflix Blog

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